Funny Top Cat

★ Description ★
A simple and addictive flight game with amazing hd graphics.

★ Story ★
That’s a story about four brave friends: cat Muffin, dog Sparky, cow Charming and young man Ernesto, who went on a risky travel through the North Pole. A lot of hazards are waiting for them at every step, which they need to overcome! Help our heroes in their challenging adventure not to be caught by persecutors.

★ Gameplay ★
Funny Top Cat is an iPhone game in which players drive a character (choose one of four for your choice) at a North Pole, avoiding different obstacles along the way, such as penguins, Eskimos, icicles and a lot more, trying to get as far as possible! Collect crystals to get more points. How far will you get? Now is your chance to try! Also can choose either to play alone, or with a friend, or maybe network play, all as you desire. If you have friends, then it’s a fight for the high-score. You wouldn’t be able to stop playing for days, until you’ve managed to beat your friend’s high score. Once you have the game mastered there are a myriad of achievements to unlock that give you more challenges to face. To play the game just touch the screen and hold and the character will accelerate upward, take your finger off the screen and the it will fall with gravity. The point of the game is to make the hero fly across the screen without hitting any of the obstacles that will appear. And also have to look out for the roof and the floor, as they can come closer together to make less space for the you to fly. Hitting any of the obstacles, the floor or the roof will end the game. The adventure is about to begin!!!

★ Game Features ★
✔ 4 playable characters (cat, dog, cow, young man in a bath)
✔ Addictive and dynamic gameplay
✔ Lots of achievments to unlock
✔ A lot of bonuses
✔ Designed for all age groups
✔ Beautiful, rich graphics
✔ Awesome music theme

So if you want a new casual game to try and recommend giving Funny Top Cat a go and see if it turns your crank! It is a highly addictive and entertaining game to play and is just perfect for when you need to kill some time. The deeper you get in the game, the harder it is to stop playing!

Enjoy this challenge!!! Have Fun!!!